Shooting is a skill that could very well save your life one day. As a sport, it is both social and personal. For the most part shooting is an individual sport, but because of the fact that you shoot with a group of people, it’s also a lot of fun.”

Julie Golob
​Captain, Smith & Wesson’s Shooting Team

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Shoot Like A Girl 

A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

“Aim at a high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, not the second time and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally you’ll hit the bull’s-eye of success.”

Annie Oakley

Our Mission: 

To combine our passion for shooting sports and desire to give back to the men and women that have proudly served our nation in the military.  Our events offer a safe, encouraging atmosphere that promotes recreational shooting for women in a family-friendly atmosphere while raising money for our Veterans.   The donations are used to promote, advance and provide for the social, moral, physical and educational welfare of all Missouri Veterans.
How we got our start:
There are several shoots in the MO/KS area operated by the “MO Women’s Charity Shoot” organization.  While “MO” appears in the name, we have clubs in both Missouri and Kansas that sponsor Ladies/Couples shooting events. In addition to the Shoot Like a Girl Charity Classic, Ozark Shooters Complex in Ozark, MO, and Ravenwood Lodge in Topeka, KS also host charity raising activities. Clubs offer events that center around both shotgun and pistol disciplines. Events are set up to allow beginners to learn and have fun trying out a new activity while offering a challenge to experienced shooters.  The couples event teams up men and women (one of each) to compete against other couples. Ladies bring their husbands, sons, brothers, etc. and, just in case all the boys are busy, we always have volunteers ready to team up with any lady who wants to shoot. I started shooting at these events about six years ago. It was such a great experience meeting other female shooters, sharing experiences and shooting together that I decided I wanted to join in and host my own event to benefit Missouri Veterans. 

About “Shoot Like a Girl”:

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on providing financial support for our Missouri Veterans.  Our organization is made up of volunteers, both men and women.  Our volunteers range from business men and women to retired military service members, wives and daughters who have joined together to support our Veterans.  Donations are used to pick up where the government funding falls short, to provide necessities such as transportation, general physical and hygiene needs, as well as entertainment and social events to lift the spirits of our Veterans in need.  There are no paid positions and no operating expenses within our organization.   All organizational staff, event participants and donors give of their time and resources on a strictly volunteer basis.

 Our Board of Directors:      

President - Neva Woody                Vice President - Glynda Hascall                  

Secretary - Max Thompson          Treasurer - Andrea Marie O’Dell

Our Donation History:

2013:   Organization was started as a Missouri Not-For-Profit

2014:   Raised $10,600.00 and donated to the Missouri Veteran’s Assistance League

2015:   Goal $12K - Raised $17,082.50 and donated to the Missouri Veteran’s Assistance League

2016:   Goal $25K - Raised $25,000.00 and donated to the Missouri Veteran’s Assistance League

Became a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization

2017:   Goal $30K - Raised $30,000.00 and donated to the Missouri Veteran’s Assistance League

2018:   Goal $40K - Raised $45,000.00 and donated to the Missouri Veteran's Assistance League

2019:  Goal $50K - Raised $55,000.00

2020:  Goal $50K - Raised $57,775.00

2021:  Goal $60K Raised $64,000.00

2022:  Goal $64K - Raised $65K, celebrated 10 year Anniversary.

Total donations thru 2022:  $369,457.00


After 12 years, SLAG is getting a long overdue makeover! Please stay tuned for the launch announcement.
We are working on creating a better experience for our Sponsors, Participants and Volunteers.
We appreciate your patience and support.  All the best - Neva Woody