2022 Donation GOAL: 


We need your help to get there

Net proceeds benefit MO Veterans Homes.

Shoot Club: Boot Hill Shooting Ground, Hamilton, MO

Keep Moving Forward

for 2022

For SLAG - Two Words

Record Setting!


At every level Donations



Leaving us feeling blessed and amazed at the generosity and faithfulness of the Shooting community  and all of you who support our Veterans.


Call for more info or to Sponsor!


2021 Donation Total


10th Annual Shoot Like a Girl

Charity Classic


9th Annual Veterans Home

Benefit Shoot

Our Motto: 

Participate Donate Support our Veterans. 

I am fortunate to be surrounded by great folks always willing to lend a hand.

I hope you will join us to in support of our Veterans by attending the event, volunteering, and donating to the cause.

Remember - No donation is too small. 

2012 - 2022 Happy Anniversary SLAG!!!

Ten, count em 10 YEARS of

Supporting our Veterans

Thanks to all of you -

and you know who you are,
that made this milestone possible.

I am so blessed to have

so many generous folks
in my life, I can't begin to count them all.

From the volunteers, the shooters and of course the sponsors - couldn't have done it without all of you

2022 we find ourselves "Kinda" back to "Normal"

For the Veterans at the Home it really
hasn't changed much. 

COVID protocols and testing are
still in place and that limits in-person visits.

Our events continue to provide a sense of
of normalcy to their lives.  Providing all of the
quality of life needs the government does not
provide "but should".

In our 10th year,
I want to continue to be

outstanding for our Veterans.

No let down - Everyone.

I am going to challenge all of you

to keep up the pace.

Bring new shooters to the events.

Bring a donation item.

We take donations up to and including the same day of the event.

2021 donations put us over the $304,000 Life to Date donation mark.   

Incredible achievement but we aren't done yet.

We continue to put our faith and trust in the community and our fellow shooters
to make this year a bigger

success than the last!


Our Veterans Stood Up for Us - Defended Us!

Don't Forget to Stand Up for Them

Despite the Crisis and "New" Normal We Find Ourselves In Today




All of our shoots this year are scheduled

to go on at our home club:

Boot Hill Shooting Ground in Hamilton, Missouri.

I hope that you will join me and our many volunteers for one, or more. of our events this year.

- Aug. 6, 2022  - 9th Annual Veterans Home Benefit Shoot 

- Sept. 10, 2022  - 10th Annual Shoot Like A Girl Charity Classic - Ladies

- Sept. 11, 2022  - 10th Annual Shoot Like A Girl Charity Classic - Couples

If you can't make a shoot, no worries, there are still several ways you can get involved...

  • ·         Make a Cash Donation - nothing is too small.         

  • ·         Donate items for our Bucket Raffle or Silent Auction.

  • ·         Buy some Raffle tickets for our Gun Raffle 
  • ·         Become a Station, Event, or Corporate Sponsor

  • ·         Sponsor a youth shooter
  • ·         Purchase SLAG Gear – T-shirts, thermal mugs, magnets

Thank you in advance for all of your generosity and support. If you have any questions please contact me via phone or email.

Neva Woody


Shoot Like A Girl

a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization